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Myths and Truths about Braces and Aligners

Braces make you look ugly and funny. Those wired teeth are like a big issue which can introduce a lot of funny names for you amongst your friends. Tin-teeth is what my friends use to call me when I was a kid. But when I look back to the lane of memories do these things really matter?

Am I happier with my straight smile or would have been happier with a set of crooked teeth? Certainly, with the perfect straight smile.

If you are looking forward to getting the braces you will come across a lot of myths around the same. These myths will settle in your mind in a way that you will start thinking them to be true. Such is the power of rumors or myth spread.

So now let’s just sit back and think of all the things people have told us about dental braces and then lets come to a conclusion whether they are a myth or a reality.

Braces Treatment includes Metal fittings

Yes, braces are made of metal. But are they only made of metal? With the advancement in technology, we today have a lot of options for braces. Gone are the days when people use to go through all the hassle of wires and fittings. The new-age braces are what people now opt for. You can get braces that nobody can spot or you can also choose the funky thing in these days. You can get braces in the color you desire such as red, orange, blue, yellow, etc. This makes them cool to wear and guess what, you can show off the set of funky braces. The clear aligners are transparent trays which are hardly visible on your teeth.

Braces are painful

Putting the braces on will surely give you a little amount of discomfort because the metal brackets used in the treatment will put force to the teeth. But once you have braces on all this discomfort will go away. There are likely any chances that you feel pain. Braces do take some time to adjust and this is during this time that you will face all the issues. But no chance that you face extreme pain. Still, if you come across or experience pain in your tooth, then do visit a dentist. They will go through the process and will resolve the issue in no time.

Braces will set off metal detectors

This is the most heard and the most stupid myth about the braces one can hear about. Just because these are metals do not mean that they will be detected in the security alarm. The metal brackets which are used in fixing the braces are so light the metal detectors will not trigger the system. Also, the saying that they will be struck by the lightning is the biggest myth one can get about the Braces.

One can get Braces and Aligners from any dentist

The biggest misconception that people face is that they can get their ortho treatment done by any dentist what they don’t understand is that only an Orthodontist is trained to fix crooked teeth. The general dentist neither has the proper training nor proper skills to address the problem of malocclusions. Aligning of teeth is a complicated procedure and can be done only by the skilled dentist. And aligners are something that needs a constant check and proper designing basis the teeth movement and positioning. An orthodontist knows how to balance the aesthetics and deliver the best results.

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Braces leave white spots as it is difficult to clean your teeth with Braces

There are certain guidelines which people need to follow to keep clean their teeth with braces. Not following the said routine can surely leave white lesions on the spots with braces. the very first and basic tip is to spend a good time while brushing. By spending time, we mean reaching all the areas of the mouth while brushing. If you are confused as to how to brush with braces, ask your orthodontist to teach you the right way and follow the same. Along with brushing it is also important to floss to remove even the minute particles that are left between your teeth.

All Aligners are the same

This is not at all true. Aligners need to be designed in a specific way keeping in mind the teeth movement. If your orthodontist is using the poor quality of plastic for aligners, then it will not create a difference. Because the plastics are used to create a push on the teeth therefore, it is important to use the right quality of plastic for the same.

Aligners Stink

This is something you might hear from the people who are undergoing the ortho aligners treatment. But in reality, it is not at all true. Aligners do start smelling bad because of the removing and then placing it again in your mouth but then there is always a way to get that sorted. There is a way to keep your aligners clean. Nowadays a proper aligners cleaner is up in the market which is used particularly for cleaning the aligners. You can contact your dentist and get that to keep your aligners healthy. Nevertheless, they do not smell so bad which will make your experience worst.

Braces are only for Kids

The biggest misconception people live with. The days where people believed that braces are only for kids are long gone. Today many adults and teenagers are both going for braces to straighten their smile. If you are concerned that it will make you look ugly then there are options of new-age braces such as aligners or the colorful braces. The colorful braces not only makes you look cool but are a good option to straighten your teeth.

So now it is clear as to what people thought true to be about braces was a clear myth. One should clearly not go with what people say and should experience it on their own by visiting a dentist. Look for the teeth braces price option near you to know the best cost on braces and the treatment associated. 

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