6 Measure To Prevent From Air Pollution

6 Measure To Prevent From Air Pollution

It was not too far when Delhi’s weather condition took a negative toll and experienced the brunt of poorest air quality that is otherwise, hard to imagine. The pollutants floating in the air was choking the life out of it as well as humans. Breathing became difficult for people suffering from chronic illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis etc. Air pollution is not something you can conjure up in your mind like a fire hazard or flood. This is only experienced when we are in the midst of it. Humans are the only response being who have polluted the air to its limit. With the factories, machines, manufacturing and various other tasks going around this world, air quality is getting polluted day by day. Though various strict measures and preventions have been taken up by the governments around the world, as a concerned citizen we are equally responsible for keeping the air around us clean and pollution-free.

How can you help in preventing air pollution?

#1 Avoid Smoking Cigarettes

When the air quality is bad enough then why make it worse by smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes give out carbon monoxide which is a poison for our lungs and especially affects children and aged. And it is a known fact that inhaling a cigarette smoke is worse than smoking one.

#2 Keep your car pollution level checked

You might not be aware but your car can contribute to a huge amount of pollutant in air. You should be careful and go for a regular pollution level check-up of your car to see if it is consuming more fuel that necessary. This regular check-up can increase the longevity of the vehicle as well.

#3 Go Green

As we all know that plants are the producers in our ecosystem. They produce oxygen for us to breathe. But, do you know that there are plants that can even take harmful gases in them and keep the air clean. Yes, it’s true. Plants like Aloe Vera, Bamboo palm, Boston Fern and many others which can keep the air inside your houses clean.

#4 Use Solar Energy

Now, you don’t need batteries to light everything at your home. People these days are using solar panels or solar batteries to light up their houses and in return save energy. This is an eco-friendly and the air is devoid of fumes that come out of the ordinary lights.

#5 Do not burn plastics

Burning plastics is dangerous not only to air but also is life-threatening to our health. It causes and raises the risk of respiratory problems like asthma, rashes, headaches, and affects kidney or liver.The chemical toxins released are carcinogenic substances and even imbalances hormone composition in our body.

#6 Choose to carpool

This is one of the best options to reduce to fuel consumption. If your friends or neighbors around you are from the same workplace then carpooling can be eco-friendly and reduce air pollution to the maximum.

All these measures can vastly reduce air pollution and keep your health perfect.

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