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Jio New Offer – Smart Phone (jio phone, jio smart phone, jio offer)

With Jio Phone, the windfall is not going to last forever. In fact, with Jio Mobile launching, Reliance industry is promoting Digital India Campaign that aims to spread internet literacy even in the remotest parts of the country. Its long-term goal is to make phone accessibility to 90% population of India by 2018. Internet penetration in India has big scope for investment purpose. Digital India aims for that. Undoubtedly, Jio Phone is going to make a huge market & make most of it through launching the scheme.

Everyone across the country is well aware of the scheme of Jiosims, launched by Mr. MukeshAmbani i.e. head of Reliance. It was not a simple launching, in fact, Jio offer scheme shook the communication world. As the result of that, all other communication companies had to offer competitive schemes & offers.

One more time Jio Offer is all set to set the entire communication world on fire with the bombastically launch of Jio Phones rather than Jio Smart Phones, which have already made a buzz in the market.

Jio phone has have been named as “India Ka Smartphone”& has been launched at a nominal price of RS. 0 (although a buyer has to pay out a refundable amount of RS. 1,500\- for the device).

Jio smart phones target such clutch of people who are deprived of using Jio 4G bandwagon because they are not able to afford the high costs of other smartphones.  As data is the soul of the digital world.

Jio Phone Offers

Users can either pay Rs. 153 per month, for which they will get free voice and SMS, and unlimited data (high-speed data FUP is 500MB per day), along with Jio apps. They can also choose to pay Rs. 309 per month to get all this, plus the support for mirroring your screen on a TV, via a cable that can even be plugged into CRT TVs. After three years, you can return the phone, and get a full refund on the deposit. Aside from that, the company will also have two sachet packs, at Rs. 24 for two days, or Rs. 54 per week, for users who don’t want to commit to Rs. 153 as an upfront payment.

Jio Phone features and phone

The Jio Phone was presented by Akash and IshaAmbani, revealing the phone’s support voice commands, along with standard feature phone functionality. IshaAmbanimentioned that the phone looks acquainted by design & convenient to use. The phone comes with a number of apps and browsers installed aside from Jio’s offers too.

  • The feature that distinguishes it from others is, it is offering an innovative cable link to television to help users to view content on big screen at home.
  • The main feature of this phone is the 4G LTE, it has a voice command, interface & comes preloaded with Jio’s apps loaded in.
  • Jio Phone has a 2.4 – inch display, & can play the jio cinema app as well. So, users can easily, watch movies on this feature.
  • It consists an SOS feature as well, which can be activated by pressing 5. There is support for NFC that enables quick payments, & the ability to cash content.
  • Jio Phone will always be having the free voice call. From August 15, the Jio Phone will come with free unlimited data.
  • Jio Phone also responds to voice command, which is unprecedented for a feature phone anywhere in the world.

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