How To Lose Weight Fast

A ticket to achieve ideal weight loss depends on some key components like workout plan, dietary follow ups, and calorie restrictions & also stress free life. There are many misleading facts come across when the matter arises how to lose weight. Certainly, there are thousands of multi directional ideas floating in the market.

Here, are the Best ways to weight loss. Before discussing the facts one must know that there is not any short cut to achieve your target rather than you have to stick to your plan till your target is achieved. #Tips to lose weight are related to the core concept

  1. Your workout should be in an effective way.
  2. Always think twice when you eat
  3. Try to keep your mood stress free.


Best way to lose weight is high intensity exercise with intermittent fasting. This is the best way to lose weight in a faster way. Rather than following traditional workout plan opt for high intensity interval training. Science of exercise to get maximum benefits has been changed. Now, it has been developed more than a drug. The same is true when we talk about the the best way to weight loss; role of high intensity interval training with intermittent fasting becomes significant.

During high intensity interval training you raise your heart rate up to your anaerobic threshold for 22 to 30 seconds, & then you recover for 90 seconds repeat this cycle for a total of 8 repetitions. These cycles are preceded by a 3 minutes warm up & 2 minutes cool down. So, the total time investment is about 20 minutes. You can improvise it into just about any type of exercise, & you really don’t need a GYM.

As far as intermittent fasting is concerned simply restrict your daily eating to specific window of time- ideally, a window of 8 hours or less. This means no calories at all during your non-eating window. You can have water, tea & coffee, but no milk or sugar added.

There are the 10 guidelines that can help you to lose weight

  1. Avoid All Kind of Sodas –Soda is one of the most primary health threats because one can of coke contains 10 tea spoons of sugar & that sugar increases your insulin level which leads to weight gain.
  2. Eat Plenty of Organic Vegetables – juicing organic vegetables is the best way to improve minimal health & for weight loss,avoid potatoes.
  3. Plan Your Meals – whatever you are eating two things should be kept in your mind first is avoid processed foods because they can cause your waistline problems second thing is nutritional – no is not a wise decision to achieve your goal.
  4. Eliminate Fructose from Your Diet –sugary foods & exercise beverages sabotage your health & can be a major reason to weight gain.
  5. Avoid drinking fruit juice
  6. Must be a no to dining out
  7. Avoid consumption of alcohol consumption
  8. Avert consuming fast or processed foods
  9. Avoid condiments & idle snacks
  10. Take less stress & maintain an ideal sleep cycle




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