How to distress yourself

How to distress yourself


To distress yourself, first & foremost you have to understand what the Stress is?

Whenever, you find yourself in a position with an endless work list, quick approaching deadlines or losing control over a situation. You simply scream “I am stressed”. “Fight or Flight” is the mode chosen by an under stress person. Under stress sometimes we find ourselves very confined physically and mentally both. Hence, our performance gets affected. Our behavior and appearance sometimes contradict. There is no specific way for anyone to become stress free. It depends on person to person. However, here are some key points that should be adopted to distress yourself. So how to distress yourself find here.

Regular exercise boosts you not only physically but also mentally. It helps you to buffer the effects of stress or the symptoms of depression. Whereas Meditation is Food for mind it nurtures & repairs you internally. As weak immunity system is one of the main causes of Stress & Meditation assists to build strong immunity system. Having a sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours keeps the stress away.

  • Be Optimistic

It is said that “Our Action is the Result of Our Thoughts”.If you want to cope up with the day to day situations it is vital to stay positive. A positive attitude may combat any negative or bad stress successfully.

  • Accept Yourself

Love &accept yourself as you are. Until you lave yourself you cannot love others. Don’t compare yourself with others. This is the prime cause of stress & sorrow. Remember you are unique.

  • Eat Healthy, Stay Well

There is a common saying we become what we eat. So, it is mandatory to include healthy diet in your daily intake. Eating right put your body & brain focused, delight full & active whereas eating junk food make you lethargic & prone to several diseases.

  • Find your Purpose & Meaning

The biggest obstacle in one’s life is what people will say. Come on, set your own goals & have bull’s eyes to achieve them. The quieter you work the louder your success speaks. Remember you are architect of your life. So, believe yourself.

  • Admit your Mistakes

It may sound weird but it actually it works. Admitting your mistakes make you stress free because you don’t have to furnish lame excuses to save yourself. It builds others trust on you.

  • Be Social

Be social, be connected. Cutting off your social life can destroy your instinct of being happy. As man is a social animal. Loving, caring & supporting one another gives you confidence that you are not alone in any situation.

  • Noble Practice

Getting in touch with inspirational or motivational books, audios or biography of great leaders can change the way you think.

  • Be with Nature

Whenever, you coordinate with nature, you find yourself lighter & happier within yourself. You automatically, develop a resistance against day to day stress.

At last I would suggest you the 5 Mantras of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on how to distress yourself distress & strengthen yourself are.

  • I am the best
  • I can do it
  • I am a winner
  • Today is my day
  • God is always with me

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