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Convert All Fashion Related Instagram Traffic From Into Your Followers

You can drive a huge number of fashion related traffic from Instagram if only you knew the ways in which you can make the best use of this most popular and extensively used social media platform.

Loved by individuals, businesses and even celebrities, this is truly a goldmine to get a large number of traffic. People love to see images of products that they want to buy and therefore this image-based platform is the most ideal one for them vying for attention.

It is for this reason this platform is so popular amongst the fashion brand. It helps them to reach out to a larger section of their target audience with better and proper images that increases:

  • The interest of the people to know more about a product
  • The possibilities of clicking on the link to visit the site of the fashion brand to gather more details and
  • The traffic to the site thereby increasing the chances of making a sale and generate more business revenue.

 Therefore, every fashion designer and brand, aspiring or established, look to use Instagram with an aim to gain more real Instagram likes and followers over time. this helps the businesses to monetize their efforts down the line and especially gain more organic traffic with better content.

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Reasons to use Instagram

The modern and most effective user interface of Instagram provides the best launching pad for the aspiring fashion designers and brands.

  • Having active followers of over one billion every month, this will help them to reach to the target audience much faster and in a better way.
  • They can make the best use of it by following the leaders in this business and taking cue from them.
  • Along with that, using the Instagram bot service, they can gain the best results immediately.

There is no sign of any decrease in the popularity of this platform amongst the fashion brands. According to the survey results of Digiday, it is found that:

  • A large number of fashion and beauty brands consider Instagram as their top priority platform for their digital marketing strategies.
  • With a large number of new follower groups out there, this mobile app helps them to ensure more leads and converted to prospective customers and
  • This platform enables them to know about the foreseeable future with the help of different tools and features of it that helps them to make proper and necessary amendments in their strategies to gain better results.

It is for this reason that the fashion brands are making the most out of the Instagram game and gaining more traffic to their site through their social media followers and fans by making the ‘Instagram push.’

Steps to follow

In order to gain a deeper response and engagement from your Instagram followers and build a better online presence of your fashion brand, you will need to look much beyond the basics of Instagram marketing.

  • In your landing page, you will need to include your bio that is not only highly informative but should also be highly interesting. This will hook the followers but make sure that you keep it brief.
  • You must also convince them of the value of your product and brand through your content that will feature ideally for 24 hours in their feeds. However, do not make it look like you are pushing them too much to make a sale.
  • Use the best features of this video and phot sharing app to create a unique work culture so that your account appeals more to the IG community that you want to reach out to and share your plans with.

Remember, only keywords and hashtags do not matter to make your account searchable. You must also focus on creating popular posts that your users will love to follow and get engaged with.

Driving more traffic

In addition to the above basics of Instagram marketing, make sure that you also focus on these related matters to drive more traffic to your fashion site through your fashion Instagram account and 10000 Followers for Instagram you can find easily.

You must post on a regular basis in order to create an interest and urgency amongst the users. Make sure that your fashion page on Instagram has some brilliant and fresh content that will grab the attention of the people and help you to direct them to your site to know more about it thereby driving more traffic to your site. Posting regularly will ensure that you have their interests retained.

  • You must also post during the peak hours to gain maximum engagement. You will be able to enhance your following by a significant margin if you use relative hashtags and geolocation with your photos. This will increase your overall reach.

Lastly, you will need to be highly responsive and engage with the others more effectively to increase the chances of gaining more organic traffic to your fashion site. It is only when you are active on your fashion Instagram account you will be able to gain more likes, comments and shares on your posts.

Use your insights

Insights is the best feature that you should use to know about your audience and direct them to your fashion site. You will get a lot of useful analytics from this feature. Since these insights will be highly detailed, you will get a better chance to track and analyze how exactly your Instagram account is performing and whether it is helping you in any way to reach to your desired goals.

For best results, you should divide these insights into three major categories.

  • Content: This is the most important category that will show you the type of contents that you have posted for a definite period, whether it is stories, feed posts or promotions.
  • Activity: This is the tab that will show you how many visitors have interacted with your profile and discovered you when they browsed for a particular content.
  • Audience: This will show the number of new followers you have gotten along with their location.

With all these insights in hand, now you can use the promote feature on Instagram to create the most interesting Instagram advert.

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