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4 Tips to Train Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Success

Your subconscious has been guiding you through tough situations since forever and many of you are even aware.

There must have been times when you were so damn sure that you couldn’t remember the answer to a particular question and still you seem to answer the question with an ease that you don’t feel.

How did that happen? To answer that particular question it happened due to the guidance of your subconscious.

See, had you panicked about not knowing the answer and tried to recall it still, you might not have been able to answer that question. Because the more you panic the more you take yourself away from the chance of remembering the answer even subconsciously.

Just wonder how much more you can achieve if you train your subconscious when it can guide you through tough spots like these without any effort on your part.

Tip 1:  Positive life choices.

➔     Positive thoughts:

It’s true like any other problem with negativity you have to accept that you have been feeding the negative thoughts and choices in your life.

But once you accept the problem you can either drown in more negativity or rise above it and make way for positivity.

And the key to that is not to dwell on the negatives once you accept them.

Positivity is always waiting for your with its arms wide open for you to embrace it.

And if still can’t find it then invite it in. Make the conscious choice to invite it in, and it will become a habit that you won’t be able to break.

➔     A helping hand:

Remember the last time you helped someone? Did that person thank you while smiling? Or just smiled at you for helping them? Whatever the case, remember how you felt when they showed gratitude?

That right there is the elixir that can always make you smile and take away all of your troubles for at least a time being. So, the more people you help, the more smiles you receive.

Haven’t you heard about Karma? What goes around comes around. So, never for a moment think that helping anyone could ever harm you.

Now, what makes you happy? Does it include hanging out with your friends, watching movies, having solitude to read or being the life of the party? Seek out what makes you happy.

A lot of you might not be aware of what makes you happy, even for a moment.

Before you start your journey to positivity here’s a little warning: Don’t forget that life is a series of ups and down you are not always going to be happy. There will be times when you’ll be miserable but don’t let that keep you down.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get about achieving that happiness you are looking for.

Get a book or a diary, write down at least 4 things that make you happy no matter how inconsequential they might feel to you.  This will help you figure out what really makes you happy and then you can keep doing it until you find something that makes you happier.

A happy and positive mind will always help you achieve goals and become successful.

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Tip 2: Learn to focus your subconscious mind via meditation

As the heading of the tips says it, meditation rejuvenates your mind and keeps it fresh. It involves your subconscious mind as well.

We have learned how important and necessary positive thoughts and surrounding yourself with joy is for training your subconscious mind to achieve success. Meditation improves the capability of your subconscious mind and makes it susceptible to continuous happy and positive thoughts.

Meditation is not the only way to refresh your mind, you can also refresh your mind by taking part in many physical exercises which includes walking.[1] 

Tip 3: Everything Goals.

➔     Set your goals/ Visualise them.

Note them down. This helps your subconscious mind prepare to take actions that will assist you in achieving them.

Visualize your goals and form a very firm image of them in your minds. The more realistic the visualization the stronger the self-motivation from your subconscious. As it is a part of you it will know how bad you want them to be true.

We only speak of your subconscious mind as if it something that has its own unique identity and is not just a part of your mind to help you understand it better. For you to realize how to train it to get better at everything.

➔     Affirmation

Think of your subconscious mind as a storage device. You can only fetch what you have stored it in. So, when you think that your day is going to suck, your subconscious mind stores it and feeds it back to you.

And then everything you see or anywhere you go that day it will continue showing you things that will make your day worse. It will feel like the entire universe is working against you when it is just your mind giving you back what you fed it.

So, next time you feed your mind remember that you want to achieve your goals. And feed them positive mantras that will motivate you. Here’s the thing about positive quotes or mantras, they won’t work as long as you don’t start meaning them and believing them.

So, when you do choose affirmations to remember that you need to mean them.

Writing down these affirmations is another valid choice.

Tip 4: Brain exercises.

➔     Left-right and Up-down:

Right-handed people should try to do some of their chores with left hands and left-handed people should try to do some of their chores with their right hands.

Chores such as eating or brushing your teeth might do. This works in increasing the brain activity and hence is an exercise to train your subconscious mind.

Doing things in reverse might not feel comfortable but that’s what these brain exercises are all about they are about getting your out of your comfort zone to learn new things.

So, you can try reading words in reverse or put your watch upside down this way you can train your brain to read in reverse or read the time even when your watch is upside down.

➔     Keep challenging yourself:

Do something out of your routine. Otherwise, everything will remain constant and your subconscious mind will not be able to do much for you as well.

Instead of just doing something, do it right. Instead of being a jack of all trades become the master of it. Continue learning new things as they’ll not only help you grow but also aid you in your goals.

These 4 tips should be able to make your subconscious mind more susceptible to your choices. So, instead of being a slave to your mind, you’ll be the master of it.

Link to meditation sidekick journal.

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